Two Cent Bridge

Makers of paper

crossed on their way

home to factory

then home again.

A scripted offering

in each extended hand

two pennies each

for the toll booth man.

Dark in the morning,

dark at night.

They waited all year for light.

Her two feet, his aching arms

across that bridge we stroll

time on our hands,

above the still racing Kennebec

one falls to the next,

near the man asleep in the sun

flushed cheeks, mouth undone,

near the tavern

of drunk fights and arrests,

and maybe you did

your own hard drinking then.

From one side to the other

morning entered night,

home became factory,

dark extinguished light.

from River of Bones, Iris Press, Oak Ridge, TN, 2015

Massachusetts Cultural Council finalist award, 2012

International Merit Award, Atlanta Review, 2006

Featured Poet Bellowing Ark, 2005, The Aurorean, 2008

First Place Intergenerational Poetry Contest, West

Roxbury Public Library, 2001

Second Place Explorations Poetry Contest, Juneau,

Alaska, 1999

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Oka Beach

Let me play again on Oka Beach

with my three young children,

taste the local cheese gritty as sand,

or walk with a grandfather who knew bees and tulips

and offered me sugar on buttered white bread

early while the family slept,

or lay my head in mother’s lap

while we watched the tiny black and white tv,

Milton Berle in a tutu cavorting around the stage.

This longing’s fed by echoes,

but I wish to go picking violets with my friend

in the field that’s now the state thruway

then come home to see—and touch—both parents,

much younger than I am.


Yes, I had been thinking

of the lake’s waters

their ease licking the shore, as the ducks

tossed tails skyward and fed,

and fisherman sat silent for hours,

misty silhouettes suggesting men.

Our bodies dreamt

joined by water,

and the loons sang upward

a plaintive longing that fell at the end

as though an agonizing question

had been answered, only to be asked again.

Water was speaking, as it does,

and if I could only listen

and listen again—

the locusts and cicadas

hummed in those voices

that sound like a soft rattle

loose inside the head.

from River Tracks, Poets Corner Press, Stockton, CA, 2007